How to Register a Trailer in Maine

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To register a trailer in the state of Maine, owners will need the title, bill of sale and pay fees and possible taxes on the trailer. They can register in person and renew online through the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). Camper trailer owners must pay an excise tax to their municipality when registering their trailer.

Register a Trailer From a Dealer in Maine

Owners who bought a boat or utility trailer from a Maine dealer must show the bill of sale and blue title application (if the trailer is over 3,000 pounds and a 1995 or newer model year) in order to register the vehicle.

They also have to pay the appropriate registration fee. For trailers up to 2,000 pounds, it will be $10.50 for one year or $21 for two years. For trailers 2,000 pounds and over, the charge will be $20 for one year and $40 for two years. Owners can get vanity license plates for camper trailers for an additional $25 fee, but these are not available for long-term trailers. Owners can check vanity plate availability online.

Register a Privately Purchased Trailer

Owners who bought a trailer from a private party must show the bill of sale and the title signed by the previous owner if the trailer is over 3,000 pounds and is a 1995 or newer model.

When registering, they'll pay the appropriate fees, which are the same as those for trailers purchased from dealers, plus a sales tax of 5.5 percent of the purchase price. Owners who purchase from a private seller also can get vanity plates for the same fee provided it is not a long-term trailer.

Renewing a Maine Trailer Registration Online

The BMV has an online service that allows owners to renew their Maine registration if their trailer is not excise-taxable. Owners can renew their registration for one or two years for multiple trailers at one time and will receive their certificates and stickers in about seven business days. If their trailer registration ends sooner than seven days, they should go to their local BMV branch to register in person. The fees are:

  • Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of less than 2,000 pounds: $12.50 for one year or $24.00 for two years.
  • GVW of 2,000 pounds or more: $22.00 for one year or $43.00 for two years.

A trailer's registration must be expired or within 60 days of its expiration date when renewing. Owners will need a copy of their most recent registration and a credit card to pay the fees. Expired registration fees vary. The BMV calculates the fee depending on what information the owner enters into the system.

Registering a Camper Trailer in Maine

Owners who bought a camper trailer from a dealer must pay excise, or municipal, tax at their town office. To register a camper trailer, owners will pay the fees mentioned above, plus 5.5 percent of the purchase price when purchasing from a private seller. They can get vanity plates for their trailer for an additional $25 fee.

To renew a camper trailer, Maine has an Online Camper Trailer Renewal Service for most municipalities. Owners can also visit a local BMV office.

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