How to Sign Up for the Do Not Call List

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The National Do Not Call Registry, also referred to as the "do not call list" is a government-operated service set up to give individuals the option to block calls from telemarketers. If an individual registers with the National Do Not Call Registry, and they receive a call from a telemarketer, they can file a complaint with the registry. Once a person signs up for the do not call list, they should stop receiving calls from telemarketers within 31 days.

Visit the official website for the National Do Not Call Registry.

Click on "Register a Phone Number."

Enter your phone number, area code first. You may enter up to three numbers. Then enter your email address twice and click "Submit."


Verify the information you entered on the following page, then click "Register."


Check your email inbox for an email from the National Do Not Call Registry. Open the email, and then click on the link inside of it to confirm and complete the registration.




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