How to Fill Out a Joint Tenancy Grant Deed

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Property law mandates that title transfers in land be evidenced by a written document called a deed. A common deed form is the warranty or grant deed. This deed contains promises from the seller that the seller has title and right to transfer the land and that the seller will defend title if problems arise in the future. Often, a joint tenancy is created when property is transferred to two people at the same time. Joint tenants enjoy a “right of survivorship” meaning that full title passes to the surviving tenant. Until that time, both tenants have equal rights to property.

Write the seller’s name and address on the line after “For a valuable consideration” and before “hereby grant(s) to.” The seller is the grantor.

Write the names and addresses of the joint tenants on the line after “hereby grant(s) to.” Be sure to check that the deed includes language such as “as joint tenants” after writing the names and addresses of the joint tenants.

Fill in the lines listing the city, county and state of the property transfer. Describe the property in the blank space beneath this information.

Provide additional information such as the amount of any taxes due, the price of the property or information on where to mail the deed after it is filed with the property records division. This will vary depending on the deed form used.

Sign the deed in the presence of a notary public. Ask the notary to notarize the document.


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