How to Find a Phone Number in the White Pages

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Finding a phone number in the White Pages is as easy as saying your ABCs or counting to 10. Anyone can find a phone number if he knows the phone owner's name. The paper version of the White Pages has been around as long as telephones, and the newer Internet version propelled the medium into the 21st century. Millions of residential and business numbers sit waiting somewhere in cyberspace for the click of your mouse . . . amazing.

Open the phone book to the section for the first letter of the person's last name. Phone books are arranged alphabetically by last name, i.e., names beginning with "A" come before names beginning with "B."

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Continue an alphabetic progression through the last name, turning pages in the book, until the complete last name is spelled out.

Follow the same progression with the the first name until you have the person's complete name. If two people should happen to have the same first and last name, the White Pages lists an address next to the name. If you do not know the person's address, call the number to confirm the person's identity. Proceed to the next number if you find that you have called the wrong person. Continue until you either find the person you are looking for or run out of numbers.

Consider using the web-based White Pages which lists residential and business phone numbers. The web-based directory is easier to use, as you do not have to understand alphabetical order; just type the name in the search box. The web-based directory also allows you to find any phone number associated with a particular address; just enter the address in the appropriate field. Country-specific international directories containing addresses, names and phone numbers are also available online.


  • Not all phone numbers are listed in the white pages; some people choose to keep their phone numbers private.


  • Web search engines will often give you the phone number and address associated with a given name or vice versa.