How to Find My CAGE Code

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A CAGE code is a five-character code used by the Department of Defense and other government entities for outsourcing contract work to non-government entities. "CAGE" stands for "commercial and government entity." The code is issued when you apply for a Department of Defense central contractor registration. You can locate your CAGE code in one of three ways.

Look at previous government contracting invoices. Proper billing requires a CAGE code. Look for the five-character alpha-numeric code on the invoice.

Go to the Central Contractor Registration website: bpn:gov/ccr. Log in with your user name and password. If you have forgotten this, select the prompts to have your information emailed to you.


Go to the Defense Logistics Information Service website and look for "CAGE Code Search" at the top of the welcome page. You can search by CAGE code or by company name. Once you conduct the search, the CAGE code is the second line under the company name.



  • CAGE codes are needed for billing, bidding, access and even subcontracting work with many federal government agencies.

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