How to Make a Model Contract

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Modeling is one of the most competitive industries to get into. For this reason alone, it is imperative you have a manager or modeling agency represent you. Your chances of booking a job with the support of a manager are higher than your chances without. In addition, a manager or agency will provide you with times, dates and locations for go-sees and auditions that you might not have known about otherwise. Before you sign with an agency or manager, you can create your own contract. That contract should state all of the most important aspects of your business as well as additional services you want covered in the contract.

Compose a written statement that includes your name, the name of your modeling manager and the name of the agency that the manager works for.

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State in the contract that your manager is required to use every effort available to her to obtain contracts for modeling jobs on your behalf. Include a clause that states that your manager needs to check your availability before booking modeling jobs.

Add a clause that states you are not an employee of the manager but a client paying the manager to do a service for you. State the percentage you will pay from each of your bookings to your manager. Add a clause that you will not pay a percentage of any earnings received from jobs you booked without your manager’s assistance. This is called a non-exclusivity clause.

Include the term of your contract. State that the contract becomes effective on this date and expires one to two years -- or however many years you and your manager deem fit -- after the date it takes effect.

Provide a clause in the contract that your manager is your attorney-in-fact and has the right to collect payment due to you from work you performed for other clients and that your manager has the ability to sign photo release forms on your behalf.

Include a statement that gives your manager your permission to use your photos and name to advertise you for jobs and other modeling assignments.

Add a clause stating that all other contractual laws of the county and state in which you are located are to be observed. Provide the name of the county and the state.

Provide a place for your signature, the signature of your manager, the date and the signature of any parents or legal guardians of models younger than 18 years.


  • You can print out a copy of a standard modeling agreement online to obtain proper phrasing. In addition, you can have your attorney draw up a contract on your behalf.


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