How to Look Up a Summons Number

A summons is a legal document most commonly used to inform a person that legal action has started against him. A summons could tell you simply that a lawsuit has been filed, that you have to bring certain documents to a certain location or that you need to appear in court on a specific date. The summons number will be located on the document itself.

Look for the "cover letter" that came with your summons. This will most commonly be the first page of the document. It contains identifying information about the summons, including whom it is from and whom it is to. However, this letter may be inside the pages of the summons, in the back or on a separate piece of paper in the envelope you received.

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Examine the header of the summons. This portion of the document contains information about the plaintiffs, defendants and court that has jurisdiction over the proceedings. This information will be listed at the top of the summons.

Read the value listed next to "Index Number." This is the unique summons number that the local court has on file for your particular summons. Do not confuse this with the "File Number," which is a separate number in the same general area of the same page.

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