Australian Visa Requirements for Green Card Holders

Australia visa application
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The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship requires that all people traveling to Australia possess valid travel and identification documents. The visa requirements for U.S. green card holders traveling to Australia vary with the types of visa you need. The type of visa is further determined by the purpose of your visit. Specifically, tourist and business visas are applicable for U.S. green card holders traveling to Australia for a short period.


Business travelers with U.S. green cards are required to have various documents including: a valid passport from their country of origin; their green card as proof of permanent U.S. residence; two passport photographs; application Form 456 “Application for a Business (Short Stay) Visa”; an application checklist attached to Form 456 that guides travelers in the application process; and evidence of medical insurance such as an insurance card. Document requirements for tourists with green cards include: a valid passport from their country of origin; application Form 48 and application checklist; a passport size photo; and evidence of medical insurance.

Evidence of Need to Travel

Both business and tourist green card holders must provide evidence for their need to travel to Australia. For business travelers these include: a business letter of responsibility and a contract letter with company letterhead indicating the responsibilities to be carried out while in Australia; and a letter of invitation from the host in Australia. Other requirements include proof of professional and educational qualifications. Tourist travelers are required to show their travel itinerary and invitation letter if visiting family members or friends.

Financial and Character

Business and tourist green card holders must have enough funds to meet their needs while in Australia. Other than requirements to have medical insurance, applicants must provide proof of their available funds. Applicants may present bank statements and audited accounts, credit card limits, pay slips or tax records. These are assessed by the immigration officer during the visa interview at an Australian consulate. Additionally travelers may need to fill out a character declaration and produce any criminal records.


Different kinds of visas have different fees. Generally the application fees are non-refundable and paying the fee does not guarantee you will be granted a visa. Form 990i, available from the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship website, provides up-to-date information about the diverse visa application charges. Check this form or Australian consulate offices to confirm current fees.


Application for an Australian visa may be made online on the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship website, where you can also obtain the required forms. Other alternatives include applying through travel agents, airline services or a service delivery partner, which provides services on behalf of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Applicants file completed visa application forms and the required documents through mail or by presenting the application in person at an Australian consulate.

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