About Short-Term Disability Maternity Coverage in Florida

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Maternity leave is time that new parents take off from work for the birth or adoption of a child. Expectant mothers in Florida enrolled in a short-term disability program receive benefits covering a portion of wages lost as a result of maternity leave.


Short-term disability programs that cover pregnancy typically pay mothers on maternity leave between 50 percent and 100 percent of their wages for six weeks after a vaginal delivery, explains Womb to Bloom, a parenting and pregnancy website. In cases with complications, extensions of benefits are possible. Short-term disability allows a new mother to focus on caring for her baby without worrying about losing income.

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Florida has no state short-term disability leave available, according to the website HumanResourceBlog. Florida mothers do have access, however, to employer-provided and individual short-term disability plans. The website Baby Center notes that employer-provided plans either deduct payment from wages or are a provided benefit. Individual plans are purchased directly from the provider.


Most short-term disability programs require a week's absence from work before payment of benefits begins, according to Baby Center. The insurance resource website, Insure.com, points out that providers are not required to include maternity leave in a short-term disability plan. Be sure to research the options and plan requirements before choosing a provider.

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