How to Change a Name After a Marriage in Illinois

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Illinois state laws allow a person who has recently married to change his name without formally petitioning the courts; the marriage license from the state is proof of a valid reason for a name change. However, you must change your name on your Social Security card and Illinois driver's license in order to use your new name without running into problems.

Social Security Card

Go to the official website of the Social Security Administration to download and print an application for a new card. Use the office locator on the website to find your local office in Illinois by zip code.

Complete the application. You need a variety of personal information, including your full legal name, the date and place of your birth and the birth names and Social Security numbers of both your parents. Complete all items on the application and sign and date the papers.

Gather the proof required for name changes; check the Social Security Administration's official website to see what you proof you need for a corrected card. For example, an adult born in the U.S. changing her name because of marriage needs a passport or U.S. birth certificate, a state driver's license and proof of the reason, such as the certified copy of the Illinois marriage license.

Go to the Social Security office you located. Bring the application, your identification and a certified copy of your marriage license with you. You must bring a certified copy of the Illinois marriage license, not a photocopy. Submit the papers. The replacement card will arrive by mail.

Illinois Driver's License

Locate the Illinois Secretary of State Driver Facility near where you live. Visit CyberDriveIllinois, an official website of the Illinois Secretary of State, to find the nearest facility.

Go to the facility near you. Bring your current Illinois driver's license, a certified copy of the marriage license and your new Social Security card. Ask for an application for a corrected license. Complete the application. You need your old name, new name, birth date and place, current license number and address. File the application and pay the fee.

Notify the Illinois Secretary of State of the name change. Illinois law requires you to notify the Secretary of State within 10 days of changing your name on the license. Visit the official website of the Illinois Secretary of State to notify the office online. You need your license number, home address, date of birth and information on any vehicles you have registered, including make, model and year.


  • Visit the county clerk's office of the Illinois county where you were married to get certified copies. Check the official website of the county clerk's office; some offices allow you to order copies online.

    Bring certified copies of your marriage license and your new state identification and Social Security card to other places where you conduct business, such as a bank, to change your name on the accounts.



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