How to Set Up an LLC in Nevada

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Nevada is a popular state for chartering of businesses because it has no personal income taxes, no franchise fees and no information sharing agreement with the IRS. Nevada allows individuals to create a limited liability company, or LLC, a business structure that combines the limited liability provisions of a corporation with the less intensive reporting requirements and protections against double taxation associated with a partnership. Forming a Nevada LLC requires filing documents with the Nevada secretary of state.

Choose a name for your company. Nevada LLC law requires the name of an LLC to contain the phrase “Limited Liability Company,” “Limited Company,” “Limited” or “Limited-Liability Company,” or the abbreviation “Ltd.,” “L.C.,” “L.L.C.,” “LC” or “LLC.” You can also abbreviate the word “Company” as “Co.” The name of your company must be different from the name of any business association registered with the secretary of state. The Nevada secretary of state maintains an online database of all business associations registered in Nevada, which can be helpful in coming up with a name for your company (see Resources).

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Designate a registered agent. If your company is ever sued, subpoenaed or otherwise subjected to legal process, your registered agent will accept service of process on behalf of your company. If you are a Nevada resident, you may act as the registered agent of your company. If you are not a Nevada resident, or are unwilling to have your name and home address associated with your company in a Nevada public record, you may hire a designated process agent, which is a business that will accept service of process on behalf of your LLC.

File for an LLC by mail or fax. If filing by mail or fax, use the Articles of Organization form provided by the secretary of state (see Resources). This form includes the Registered Agent Acceptance form, Customer Order Instructions, ePayment Checklist and forms for expedited processing.

Fill out the Articles of Organization. Provide the name and registered agent of your Nevada LLC. While perpetual duration is the default option, you have the option of designating a date of dissolution. Indicate whether your company will be managed by members -- persons with ownership stake in the company -- or managers -- persons without an ownership stake. Provide the name and address of any persons managing your company. Provide your name and address, and sign the Articles of Organization.

Have your registered agent sign the Articles of Organization and complete the Registered Agent Acceptance form.

Fill out the Customer Order Instructions and ePayment Instructions. On the Customer Order Instructions form, provide the name of your company, your name and address and the desired method of payment. If you are paying by eCheck or credit card, complete the ePayment Checklist.

File the Articles of Organization, Registered Agent Acceptance, Customer Order Instructions and ePayment Instructions. As of 2010, the filing fee is $75. You must file these documents by mail or fax. The mailing address is Secretary of State, New Filings Division, 204 North Carson Street, Suite 4, Carson City, Nevada 89701. The fax number is (775) 684-5708.

Download the Initial List of Managers form or access the Commercial eFilings site. After filing your Articles of Organization, the Nevada secretary of state will send you an Initial List of Managers form, which you must file before your company becomes active. You may download the Initial List of Managers form from the secretary of state’s website (see Resources) or file your list online. The Commercial eFilings site requires you to sign up for an account (see Resources).

Fill out the Initial List of Managers form. Provide the name of your LLC, the filing period and the registered agent of your company. Provide the name and address of all managers and members of your company. Sign the Initial List of Managers and complete the attached Customer Order Instructions and ePayment Checklist, if necessary.

File the Initial List of Managers form. If you are not completing the form online, you may file by mail or fax. The mail address for the Initial List of Managers form is Secretary of State, Status Division, 202 North Carson Street, Carson City, NV 09701-4201. The fax number for this form is 775-684-5708. As of 2010, the filing fee for this form is $125.


  • While setting up a Nevada LLC is relatively easy, consult with an attorney about the tax implications of operating a business as a Nevada LLC.



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