How to File a Waiver for Unemployment Overpayment in Tennessee

In Tennessee, waivers for overpayment of unemployment will be granted only if certain criteria are met: The overpayment cannot be due to fraud, the payment must not have been received through fault of your own, and it would be unfair for the collection of the overpayment to proceed. If you believe you meet all these criteria, you have the option of filing an unemployment overpayment waiver with the state.

Locate the letter you received stating that you owe an overpayment. Turn the letter over and read about your appeal rights. Make sure you meet the three criteria that make you eligible to file for a waiver.

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Write or type a letter stating all the reasons you believe you should be granted a waiver. At the top of the page, include your Social Security number. In the body of the letter, explain how the overpayment occurred and why you're not a fault.

Send your letter along with a copy of the overpayment letter you received to the address provided. The address appears on the back of the overpayment letter with the instructions detailing how to appeal the decision.

Call the Tennessee benefit audit customer service number if you have any questions or need any additional help with filing your waiver. The number is 615-741-2606.

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