Reasons for Denial of Unemployment Benefits in Illinois

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The Illinois Department of Employment Security administers the unemployment compensation program in the state. The unemployment division of the Illinois Department of Employment Security offers services to unemployed workers such as resume assistance and workshops to help in the job search. Claimants must meet eligibility requirements to qualify for benefits.

Monetary Eligibility

Illinois unemployment claimants must meet monetary eligibility requirements to receive benefits. The state determines monetary eligibility using the earnings from employment during a base period. The base period in Illinois consists of the first four of the last five quarters before filing a claim with the state. The earnings during the base period must be a minimum of $1,600 to qualify for unemployment compensation. The state will deny benefits to claimants who do not meet the requirement. In addition, the earnings in the base period, separate from the highest paying quarter, must be a minimum of $440. The total earnings during the base period must be 1.5 times the highest quarter earnings.

Eligible Employer

The claimant’s employer must pay into the unemployment insurance program in Illinois to qualify for compensation. Government, railroad and some agriculture employers do not participate in the unemployment insurance program.

Involuntary Unemployment

The claimant must be out of work involuntarily. Illinois can deny benefits to claimants who quit a job without good cause. The state also denies benefits to workers fired for misconduct on the job. The state of Illinois also denies benefits to workers out of work because of a labor dispute.

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Availability for Work

Unemployment claimants must be physically able to work and available to accept employment while collecting benefits. The state will deny benefits to those who are not able to work because of transportation issues, disability or illness.

Work Search Requirements

Claimants must search for work while collecting unemployment compensation in Illinois. The state may require claimants to provide proof of work search efforts at any time while collecting unemployment insurance.


When the state of Illinois denies unemployment compensation to claimants, the individual has the right to appeal the decision. The unemployment claimant must write a letter requesting a reconsideration of the claim or use a request form and submit it to the unemployment office. The state may deny the reconsideration, but will automatically send the case to the state appeals division. The claimant will receive a hearing date, which provides an opportunity to present evidence.


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