Can Part-Time Employees Collect Unemployment in Nevada?

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In Nevada, the Nevada Employment Security Division provides unemployment insurance benefits to unemployed workers who aren't working or work reduced hours due to a lack of available work. Unemployed applicants must be unemployed through no fault of their own, must look for other employment within their normal occupational field, must be physically able to work, must look for other work and cannot refuse suitable work offers.


Part-time employees may qualify for benefits if they work part-time because of a lack of available work. According to the Nevada Employment Security Division, applicants must also have earned a sufficient amount of wages within a “base period” used to calculate unemployment benefits. The base period is a one-year period or four of the last five employment quarters before the first day of a claim for benefits. Thus, as long as an unemployed applicant earned at least $400 in one of the base quarters, then she is eligible for unemployment benefits.

Considered Unemployed

To qualify for unemployment insurance benefits, applicants must work less than full-time but remain available to accept any other work. This means that part-time employees can qualify for unemployment benefits if they're looking for other work, part-time or full-time, to replace or supplement their existing income, and they must accept any suitable work offers. Part-time employees receive reduced unemployment benefits based on their total weekly earnings during the weeks they file for unemployment benefits.


Unemployed applicants who are on a leave of absence or work full-time cannot qualify for unemployment compensation. Nevada requires applicants to be entirely unemployed or work fewer hours due to lack of available work. Full-time salespeople aren't eligible for unemployment benefits because they're making less in commissions. Self-employed workers who can also work full-time may qualify for unemployment benefits.

Suitable Work Offers

Nevada specifically disallows benefits to unemployed claimants who refuse to accept work because of the hours they must work or the pay. Unemployment benefits are temporary benefits to help workers who are unable to find other work; individual preferences don't qualify as valid reasons to refuse other work offers.


Because state laws can frequently change, don't use this information as a substitute for legal advice. Seek advice through an attorney licensed to practice law in your jurisdiction.


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