How Long Are Unemployment Benefits Paid in Minnesota?

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Losing a job can be stressful, but some of that stress can be minimized by knowing the basics about unemployment benefits before the time comes to use them.


Minnesotans receive unemployment benefits for up to a year.


If you've used up all of your unemployment benefits but are still unemployed, you may be eligible to extend those benefits through federal or state emergency unemployment compensation.

Benefit Amount

Unemployment benefits in Minnesota total approximately half of your gross weekly pay, up to a weekly maximum of $585.

Waiting Period

If you are starting a new unemployment account in Minnesota, you must serve what the state calls a "waiting week." The waiting week is the first week you apply and are eligible for unemployment; money for this week, however, is never paid.

Severance Packages

Any severance package you receive from your previous employer will delay the start of your unemployment payments. For example, if you receive two weeks severance from your employer, you will not be eligible for benefits until two weeks after your final day of employment.