Bus Trips to Correctional Facilities in New York State

Having an incarcerated loved one is a stressful time for friends, family and significant others of the inmate, as well as the inmate herself. In addition to the frustration of their absence, other issues faced when a friend or family member is jailed includes keeping in contact and communication with that them. In New York State, several bus trips are available to anyone hoping to visit an incarcerated individual.

Free Bus Program

The Department of Correctional Services has a variety of programs that assist family members with keeping in contact with their incarcerated loved ones. More specifically, the Ministerial, Family and Volunteer Services program has established the Family Visiting Program, also referred to as the free bus program. The free bus program provides family members and significant others with free transportation to various correction facilities. Trips occur once a month and an inmate must apply on behalf of his or her visiting loved one. The buses depart from New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Albany. All New York correctional facilities are visited except those located in New York City, Willard and Shock.

Private Van Services

For prices averaging $40 round trip, dozens of privately owned and operated van services allow you to be picked up in a wide variety of destinations such as Brooklyn, Manhattan and as far out as Albany. Privately owned transportation services will oftentimes provide transportation to the facility you need to visit while some go to designated facilities.

Public Transportation

Not all family members and significant others of inmates live in the state of New York. In such instances, public transportation is a viable option when visiting New York correctional facilities. Public transportation choices vary from well-known bus lines such as Trailways and Greyhound, as well as family owned-and-operated coach companies that seat from 27 to 55 passengers. Some of these companies are located in destinations such as Pennsylvania.

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