How to Renew a Philippine Passport at the Consulate of New York

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Filipino citizens wanting to renew a passport at the consulate in New York will need to appear in person to complete the application process. Renewal applicants need to prove they still retain Filipino citizenship and show proof of identity. As of January 2011, according the the Philippine New York Consulate, renewal applicants will receive a new ePassport that incorporates microchip technology for verifying the passport holder's identity. The Consulate serves individuals on a first-come, first served basis, and applicants can expect to receive the new passport six weeks from the date of application.

Download the passport renewal application from the Philippine Consulate in New York website at You must use this application form and no other.

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Fill out the entire application form and do not leave any required boxes blank. The application form comes with detailed instructions attached. You must adhere to those instructions for the Consulate to accept your renewal form. A renewal applicant, however, does not need to bring a passport photo because a digital photo is taken at the Consulate. You will also need to provide an “Affidavit for Lost Passport” and a “Sworn Affidavit” form if your passport was lost or stolen and a police report if applicable. Make sure to sign the renewal application form.

Take the form to the nearest police department in the United States and have your fingerprints taken and applied to the form where required.

Take the application form along with all required documents directly to the Consulate at 556 Fifth Ave. in New York for processing. You will need to pay a fee of US$60 in cash.