How to Post an Anonymous Complaint About a Business

Many customers show their dissatisfaction with a product or service by walking away from the company for good instead of complaining. But your opinion as a customer is of value to both future customers and the company. If you don't warn other potential customers of the issues, they might be negatively affected by the company also. The company needs to hear this feedback so that it can improve and try to win your business back. But if you do not want to be identified, there are several ways that you can submit a complaint online anonymously.

Create an email address with a free mail service (like Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, or Gmail) that does not contain any of your private contact information in the name or signatures. This will allow you to make your complaint without revealing your name or main email address. You will usually have to leave an email address behind when you post a review or complaint online.

Find the listing of the business on Yahoo!,,, or a similar site. Post an anonymous review of the product or service that you received along with a rating (most have a rating scale from one to five). Make sure you have the correct business by verifying the address and calling the phone number first.

Make your complaint on,,, or a similar site. You do not have to provide your actual contact information unless you want to be contacted by the consumer advocates or a lawyer who may be able to help you.

Post a review about the business or product on or another third party site that offers the business' product for sale. Create a pen name to be displayed when you post your review if you want to remain completely anonymous.

Post an anonymous complaint to the company directly using the "Contact Us" form on its website. A negative comment will not likely be posted to the public on the site, but it may be read by the company's owner or customer relations representative.


  • If you want to be truly anonymous, do not provide exact details about your specific problem with the business, because your situation may be easy to pinpoint. Speak in general terms.

    Instead of simply complaining, provide a suggestion for how the company can improve. Your complaint may be taken more seriously. When the company does take steps to improve, make it a point to post a positive comment to encourage these actions.

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