How to Fight a Noise Violation Ticket

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Step 1

Exercise the right to challenge the ticket in court. Follow the ticket instructions to request a court date.

Step 2

Find the exact terms that the community's ordinance uses to define noise tolerance, including type of noise, level of noise and the time of day noise is restricted.

Step 3

Clearly state how the ordinance was not violated when the ticket was issued, stating the perceived noise was not audible over the distance allowed by the ordinance.

Step 4

Challenge if the alleged noise occurred during ordinance hours according to the ticket.

Step 5

Request the police officer show the device that calibrated the noise level. Have ticket dismissed based on the officer's inability to prove the decibel level if they did not use a machine.

Step 6

Ask for the officer's certification for using and reading the calibration device. Request a dismissal based on the officer's inability to accurately access illegal decibel levels.

Step 7

Challenge the last time the machine used was calibrated. Receive a dismissal based on the inaccuracies of the device.

Step 8

Play a radio for the officer in the courtroom, if a machine was not used when issuing the ticket. Ask the officer to note the decibels of the radio sound. Ask for a dismissal if he cannot accurately name the decibel level based on his subjective opinion.



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