How to Prove Identity at the New York State DMV

By Miranda Sinclair
New York keeps a list of documents you can use to prove your identity.
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When you become a resident of New York State you must get a New York State driver's license within 30 days and surrender your old driver's license. Because of changes in security, the New York DMV keeps and regularly updates a list of documents you can use to prove your identity and residence. You should check this list or call your local DMV with questions.

Show proof of your Social Security number. You can do this by bringing your Social Security card. If you already have your Social Security number on file with the DMV, your federal or New York State W2, 1098 or 1099 form for income tax can be used as proof.

Prove your identity. The New York DMV has a list of acceptable documents with point values. You need six points to prove your identity and your Social Security card counts as two. Other two-point proofs include a marriage or divorce record, a school ID with transcript or report card or a U.S. military dependent card. Four-point documents include a U.S. passport and three-point documents include a U.S. military ID, certificate of naturalization or certificate of citizenship.

Bypass the points system by showing a New York driver's license or state ID. This card must be current or not expired for more than two years.

Prove U.S. citizenship. This is most easily done with a U.S. passport or certificate of naturalization or citizenship.

Prove New York residence. You need two proofs of residence which can include a school ID, a New York State certificate of title, your state or federal income tax W-2 form, your health insurance card or a utility bill. You also can use a bank statement, canceled check or credit card for one of your proofs of residence.