How to Sublease a Room

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Subleasing a room is renting out a room(s) by a tenant or the lessee. This is done when the lessee is away for an indefinite period of time and would like to sublet the room. This is a win-win situation for both the original lessee and the temporary lessee. The original tenant does not have to pay the rent and the subtenant finds temporary accommodation. This is useful in places where accommodation is hard to find.

Step 1

Check the sublet clause in your lease to see whether subletting is allowed. Get the landlord's permission to sublease the room. Talk to the landlord to understand the subletting process. Some landlords may need an application to be processed before allowing the tenant to sublet the room. Get permission from the landlord in writing.

Step 2

Discuss with your roommate(s) before subleasing the room. If your roommate(s) is also looking to sublet, then you can look for subtenant(s) together. Find a suitable arrangement to pay the rent and the utilities.

Step 3

Advertise your sublease. Place advertisements in classified ads,, The advertisement should provide information on the number of rooms available, furnishing, utilities expenses estimate and specify the pet policy, sex of the subtenant and any other relevant information. Spread the news among friends and acquaintances to find a possible subtenant.

Step 4

Once you have shortlisted a set of suitable tenants, meet them and show your apartment. Check their references and their rental history. Do not agree to sublet the room to a person with poor rental history or no references as it could spoil your rental history, too. Decide on payment details and get a security deposit to cover any potential damages. Get a signed agreement from the chosen subtenant that covers all the rental details.

Step 5

Take pictures of the room before subletting it and give the pictures to the landlord so you need not pay the expenses for any major damages caused by the subtenant. Leave contact information with the subtenant and the landlord so that they can contact you for any emergencies.


  • If the subtenant breaks the sublease, you will have to pay the rent until the original lease expires.


  • Offer a good deal on rent, such as one month rent free, to beat the competition.



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