How to Remove Trespassing Squatters

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A squatter is a person who has decided to take up residence in a property and fails to pay rent to the owner of the property. Remedies to remove squatters are numerous and vary from state to state; however, with a bit of craftiness on the part of the property owner, the squatter can be removed without too much difficulty.

Determine whether more than one person has taken up residence on your property. The best way to discover this information is by visiting your property at various times throughout the day and week. Make sure that the squatters do not see you enter the property. Look for signs of multiple sizes of clothing and the presence of both male and female shoes. Knowing the number of people living in your residence can help the police avoid dangerous situations when attempting to remove the squatters.

Tack a letter to the door to warn the squatters to remove themselves immediately or risk arrest for trespassing by the local authorities.

Ask any friendly neighbors to give you a call or contact the police if they happen to see any squatters around or inside your property.

Read the laws in your city regarding squatters and file a trespassing warrant with your local police department to remove the unwanted residents. Any police officer can remove the squatters. Since the squatters' names may not be known, it is best to speak with the warrant division officer about what is legally required for a trespassing warrant in your state. Listing the warrant for "unlawful occupant" may suffice.