How to Witness an Agreement of Lease

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Step 1

Obtain a standard form lease agreement. In the alternative, draft a lease agreement.

Step 2

Schedule a time when you and the other party to the lease agreement can come together to sign the document.

Step 3

Select a location for the lease agreement signing where a notary public is available.

Step 4

Sign the document in front of a notary public.

Step 5

Have the notary public stamp (or seal) the lease agreement, adding her own signature to the document. The act of stamping (or sealing) by a notary public provides a legally, official witness to an agreement of lease. (Keep in mind that generally speaking, there is no requirement for a lease agreement to be notarized.)

Step 6

Contact another individual or individuals with no interest in, or relationship to, the lease agreement to serve as a witness or witnesses. Using this type of witness is an alternative to having the lease agreement notarized.

Step 7

Insert a signature line for a witness to the lease agreement (or lines if there are multiple witnesses).


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