How to Switch an Out of State License to New York City

By Melly Parker

Driver's licenses in New York City are issued by the state of New York at the Department of Motor Vehicles. If you move to New York, you are required to apply for a new license within 30 days of your move. Since New York state recognizes licenses issued in all 50 states and Canada, you can obtain a New York license without taking new tests. There is still a required application and fee for a new license.

Examine your license to find the date it was issued. If there is no date of issuance, you must obtain a letter or record of your license from the driver regulator agency in your previous state of residence before you can obtain a New York license.

Download form MV-44 from the New York Department of Motor Vehicles online. Check "I am applying for a NYS license in exchange for a license from another US State, the District of Columbia or Canadian Province."

Fill out the form with your personal information. Include information about your New York address and information from the driver's license you're exchanging.

Bring the form to an office of the New York City Department of Motor Vehicles. You must also bring your Social Security card, proof of date of birth, and two types of identification. Examples include a birth certificate, passport or consular report of birth abroad.

Take the eye exam. If you'd rather be tested by a physician, have your optometrist fill out form MV-619.

Hand in your application. Show proof of your identity and surrender your old driver's license. Pay a $10 application fee (cost as of October 2011) and the driver's license fee, which varies based on your age, to receive your license.