How to Set Up an LLC in Wyoming

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A limited liability company, or LLC, is formed under state law, according to the provisions of a state's Limited Liability Company Act. In Wyoming, the secretary of state's office handles the registration and maintenance of businesses and grants the authority to operate in the state. To set up a new LLC, a business owner files articles of organization with the secretary's business division. This filing serves as the LLC's basic business license. Any additional required licenses or permits must be obtained separately.

Step 1

Visit the business division section of the Wyoming secretary of state's website, where the state has centralized the information needed to register and maintain a business. Through this website, you may conduct a business name search, obtain instructions for filings, find templates and file annual reports. Familiarize yourself with the information presented as it represents the agency's implementation of Wyoming's business laws.

Step 2

Conduct a business name search in the state's business entity database. Wyoming law requires every business in the state to operate under a unique and distinguishable name. Use the "Search Business Data" link on the sidebar menu on the secretary of state's website to access the database and conduct a name search to make sure the name you want to use for the LLC is available.

Step 3

Select a registered agent for the LLC. Wyoming law requires every business to have an individual or commercial agent with a physical address in the state who can accept service of process if the business is sued. If the LLC has a physical business office in Wyoming, it can serve as its own registered agent. Otherwise, the LLC can designate any individual who lives in the state, or hire a commercial agent whose business it is to accept service of process. The registered agent must sign a consent form as part of the LLC registration process.

Step 4

Fill out the state-approved LLC articles of organization template. Select the "forms" link on the sidebar menu on the secretary of state's website, and download "Organization Articles" in the "Limited Liability Company" section under "Wyoming Entities." This is a one-page fill-in-the-blank PDF form that requests the minimum information required by state law, including the LLC's name and address, the name and address of a registered agent and the name, signature and contact information for the person filing the paperwork. Attached to the template is a form to be signed by the registered agent consenting to the appointment.

Step 5

File the articles of organization with the state, according to the filing instructions included with the articles of organization template. Attach the appropriate filing fee. The LLC officially exists as of the date the state accepts the filing and stamps the articles with a date of formation.


  • The "Other Related Websites" section of the secretary of state's website provides links to help you continue the set-up of your business operations, including links to the Wyoming Departments of Revenue and Employment for state taxes and employer obligations, the Wyoming Business Council for specialty and occupational business licenses and permits and the IRS for an employer identification number.


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