How to Set Up an LLC in Louisiana

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You can form a Louisiana LLC, or limited liability company, by filing two documents with the Louisiana secretary of state: Articles of Organization and Initial Report. Both documents must be filed at the same time. The secretary of state's website provides forms with instructions for both documents to facilitate setting up your LLC. The forms can be downloaded, printed out, completed and filed by mail, or you can file both forms online using the “Filing Online” feature of the website.

Step 1

Check the availability of the name you want for your LLC. Use the "Search Database" feature of the secretary of state's website (see Resources). If the name you search is already in use, choose a different name. Louisiana LLC law requires that the name for a new LLC be distinguishable from all other names on file.

Louisiana LLC law also requires that the name for your LLC include either the words "limited liability company," or the abbreviation "L.L.C." or "L.C.", and prohibits the use of the words "doing business as" or the abbreviation "d/b/a.”

Step 2

Download the Domestic Limited Liability Company Form #365. The download includes three forms: Transmittal Information For All Business Filings; Articles of Organization; and Limited Liability Company Initial Report (see Resources). Instructions are included with the forms. Print the blank forms and insert the required information using a typewriter or by print with black ink.

Step 3

Prepare the Articles of Organization by inserting the minimum information required under Louisiana law: the name of your LLC in Article 1, the purpose for which your LLC is being formed in Article 2 and the duration of your LLC in Article 3. Complete the Articles of Organization by signing the document in the presence of a public notary.

Step 4

Prepare the Limited Liability Initial Report by inserting your LLC's name in section 1; your LLC's street address in section 2; the name and address of your LLC's registered agent in section 3; and the name and address of your LLC's first manager or members in section 4. Complete the document by having it signed by all persons who signed the Articles of Organization. Your LLC's registered agent must also sign the document to acknowledge consent to act as registered agent. The registered agent's signature must be notarized (see Resources).

Step 5

Prepare the Transmittal Information For All Business Filings by indicating whether you want routine filing or, for an additional fee, expedited filing on a 24-hour basis. The form also requires the name of your LLC, as well as your name, address, phone number and email address (see Resources).

Step 6

File the three completed documents by mail or in person with the secretary of state at the office address printed at the top of the Articles of Organization. Include a filing fee -- $75 as of December 2010. The information and filing fee is the same as required for the forms if you choose to use the “Filing Online” feature at the secretary of state's website (see Resources).


  • If there will be a time delay in filing your Articles of Organization after you have verified the availability of the name for you LLC, you can request the Secretary of State to reserve the name for 60 days by filing a Reservation of Corporate/Limited Liability Company Name form (see Resources). The fee for reserving the name, as of December 2010, is $25.


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