Reasons for Immediate Termination

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While firing an employee is one of the most unpleasant responsibilities of a manager, in some cases letting the employee go is the only appropriate course of action. These cases usually involve gross misconduct; offenses so serious employers forgo disciplinary action and immediately terminate employment. There are many reasons for immediate termination, and all reasons should appear in the company's employee manual. Typically, employers resort to immediate termination to protect the organization and employees.

Poor Work Performance

Exceedingly poor work performance is a reason for immediate termination. Inappropriate use of company resources, such as using the Internet to visit adult-rated, explicit sites, or inappropriate use of email and telephones are also reasons for the immediate termination of employment. Many organizations implement attendance policies that state an employee will be let go without warning after missing four consecutive days of work; some employers implement this policy with or without a medical note. Missing work without calling in for several consecutive days is also a reason for immediate termination.

Endangering the Organization

Actions that jeopardize the organization itself or the reputation of the organization are reasons for immediate termination of an employee. This includes all forms of theft, whether the theft is against the company, such as property, or the theft is against another employee, such as stealing a coworker's wallet. Many companies will also terminate an employee for committing criminal acts outside of the workplace. Other actions include negligence, leaking confidential information about the organization and giving false information on an application

Sexual Harassment

While some accusations of sexual harassment end with disciplinary action, many accusations end with immediate termination for the accused employee. After the accusation, employers must take prompt action including a thorough investigation of the accusation. If the employer takes little or ineffective action, the employer may face lawsuits by the accuser at a later time. For this reason and others, some employers have a zero-tolerance policy toward sexual harassment and will terminate employment immediately following the accusation.

Endangering Employees

Actions that place other employees in danger are causes for immediate termination. This includes violence, vandalism and knowingly endangering other employees by bringing dangerous items, such as weapons, to work. Attending work while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol or using drugs or alcohol on the job also qualifies. In some industries, such as manufacturing, threatening the health and safety of other employees by violating safety policies is also a cause for immediate termination.

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