How to Incorporate in Maine

Step 1

Create a unique name for the new corporation. Maine allows you to use any name for the corporation that isn’t already in use and is distinguishable from existing business names, though there are a number of restrictions to be aware of. Corporate names cannot be obscene, promote abusive or illegal activity or insinuate affiliations with public organizations.

Step 2

Obtain the articles of incorporation form for domestic corporations. You can access a copy of the form on Maine’s Secretary of State website.

Step 3

Prepare the articles of incorporation. Copies of the form can be accessed on the Maine Secretary of State website or from an online document provider. To complete the articles, you’ll need to know the corporation’s clerk, the different classes of stock the corporation will have, the number of shares it’s authorized to issue and whether the corporation will have a board of directors or not.

Step 4

File the articles of incorporation with the Maine Secretary of State’s office. Submit the form and payment for the filing fee to the Division of Corporations at 101 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333-0101.


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