How to Endorse an FBO Check

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An FBO check is a check made out to you and another party, usually a financial institution. The FBO on the check indicates "for the benefit of." You will typically encounter this type of check when rolling over certain types of accounts such as IRAs and 410(k)s. Before depositing an FBO check, you must endorse the check as you would any other type of check. Don't endorse it, for safety's sake, until you're at the bank, unless you're deposting several checks at once.

Turn the check over and position the check vertically so that the endorsement box or the endorsement lines appear at the top of the check.

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Write "For Deposit Only" at the top of the check on the first endorsement line.

Write your account number on the second endorsement line.

Sign the check on the third endorsement line. At this point you can give the check to a bank cashier.