How to Form an LLC in Missouri

Step 1

Obtain the Limited Liability Company Instruction Sheet from the secretary of state. A copy -- along with the Articles of Organization -- can be downloaded from the secretary of state’s website (see Resources).

Step 2

Choose a name for your LLC. Under Missouri law, the name needs to be distinguishable from other businesses on record with the secretary of state’s office. The name must also include the phrase “limited company” or “limited liability company,” or some abbreviation of the phrase, such as "LLC." The name cannot imply that it is a government agency, or use words or abbreviations to imply that it is a corporation or limited partnership. Perform a name check with the secretary of state’s office to determine its availability, either by mail; by calling either 573-751-4153 or 866-223-6535; or by using the business entity search feature on the secretary of state’s website (see Resources).

Step 3

Complete the Articles of Organization. The form requires the name of your LLC and a statement regarding its purpose, such as "construction" or "convenience store." You must also include the name and address of the registered agent for service of process and the organizer for your LLC -- which in both cases can be yourself. The registered agent is the person or entity who will receive any legal communication on the LLC's behalf. Indicate whether the LLC will be managed by all members of the LLC or managers, and whether the LLC will last in perpetuity or dissolve after a specified time period or occurrence, such as bankruptcy or sale.

Step 4

Finalize the document by signing and dating where indicated, including the information where the filed document is to be returned. Mail the document to the Secretary of State, Attn: Corporations Division, PO Box 778, Jefferson City, MO 65102. As of November 2010, the fee for the filing is $105; include a check in that amount made payable to the secretary of state.

Step 5

Adopt an Operating Agreement, which is required by Missouri law. In can be written or oral, but must include the provisions specified in Missouri Limited Liability Act, Section 347.081 (see Resources).


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