Definition of an IR Property Lease

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Internal repairing (IR) leases are European lease agreements where the tenant is normally responsible for repairs inside the house or structure and may also pay a regular maintenance fee for the upkeep of any common areas. The landlord is normally responsible for structural and external repair costs, as well as grounds maintenance for common areas.

IR Lease Terms


Before signing any lease it is wise to review the lease agreement for specific terms. Though a landlord is normally responsible for external repairs, it is a good idea to confirm this with your landlord to avoid confusion.

IR Lease Insurance


Insurance for an internal repairing lease need only include inside in the space occupied by the tenant. The landlord normally covers the exterior of the building, including the common areas. Landlord insurance costs for common areas is usually recouped by a regular maintenance fee charged to the tenant.

Decorations and Repairs


You can usually change the interior of the building where you live, but it is always wise to consult with the landlord before doing so. If the landlord denies your request, you may always consult with a court for permission if you feel the denial was unjust.

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