Why Does the Executor of a Will Need a W-9 From Me?

The executor of an estate handles a person's financial affairs after that person passes away. This might require the executor to pay debts and taxes or make certain distributions to the deceased’s heirs. Some estates require the executor to file tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service. To file taxes, the executor might ask heirs to fill out IRS Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification.

Form W-9 and Executors

Executors ask the heir to fill out Form W-9 so the executor can report income properly to the IRS. Form W-9 can be used by individuals or corporations. If the heir is an individual, she needs to simply write her Social Security number in the proper space. For W-9s given to a corporation, a representative needs to use the business’s Employer Identification Number.

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