What Is a Felony Code U?

Shoplifting is a felony U code.
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Felony code U is a code given to crimes such as grand larceny shoplifting, and sexual perversion. The u code basically means that while the crime is still a felony crime, it is treated in court as a misdemeanor and charges are reduced to lessor, general offenses such as theft or perversion.

Code U Defined

A Felony Code "U" is a felony code considered unclassified. Being convicted of a felony code "U" simply means the convicted person will be punished according to the specific statute which makes the crime against the law. For example, if someone steals electronics worth $1,000, they will be punished according to the laws which specify the crime of theft. It is typically a punishment of not less than one year but no more than 20 years.


Stealing items from a store is shoplifting and there are serious consequences. If someone steals an item which is valued more than $200, they will be charged with Felony Grand Larceny, which is an unclassified felony. Regardless if you are a first-time offender or have a lengthy criminal record, it will remain on your permanent record and it will make it difficult to gain employment. Find an attorney who can help you decide the best path to take, in case you are involved in this situation.

What to Do Next

If you are in a situation and you have been charged with an unclassified felony, there are several things you can do to help figure out your best options. First, check your area to find a defense attorney who can help you. The punishment for an unclassified felony can range from a minimum of one year to a maximum of 20 years. The attorney can help you enter a plea and also assist you with any restitution arrangements you can make.

Grand Larceny

A grand larceny felony is described as the "unauthorized removal of the personal property by an individual who intends to permanently (not necessarily forever) deprive the owner of it" according to The Free Dictionary: Legal Dictionary. Although states differ, it is common for grand larceny to be defined as theft of items valued more than $250. Other defining terms of larceny include: The property must be taken, moved, intent to steal, value on fair market and physical ownership.

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