How to Legally Become a Guardian to a Grandchild in Arkansas

Acquiring guardianship of your grandchild can be a difficult process without help.
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Grandparent's can petition for guardianship of a minor grandchild in Arkansas courts. Seeking guardianship of a minor grandchild is appropriate if the child's parents are have left the child in your care or if the child's parents are unable to care for the child. Guardianship will allow you to make certain decisions about your grandchild's care. For instance, you will legally be able to make decisions about healthcare, schooling and living arrangements.

Step 1

File a petition for guardian with the clerk of the county court where your grandchild lives. This form can be obtained from the clerk of court. It requires basic information about yourself, your grandchild and other interested parties, such as you grandchild's biological parents. Pay the filing fee. Filing fees vary by county.

Step 2

Attend a hearing. The court will notify your grandchild and other interested parties that you are seeking guardianship of the child. The hearing will occur at least 20 days after you filed a petition for guardian. Present your case to the judge at the hearing. If your grandchild or your grandchild's biological parents object, it will be difficult to obtain guardianship. The judge will ultimately decide who should receive guardianship of the child.

Step 3

Accept guardianship if appointed. You will be asked to sign a court form that finalizes your appointment as guardian. File the form with the clerk of court. You may also be asked to post bond. This is unlikely in guardianship cases involving minors. If you are asked to post bond, fill out the guardian's bond court form, file it with the clerk of court and pay the court.