How to Get the MSO Title

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A Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO) is the paperwork generated by the manufacturer of a piece of equipment, machine, watercraft or automotive vehicle. In most cases the form looks like a certificate of title and lists the name of the manufacturer, model number, manufacture year and vehicle identification number. You generally receive this statement at the time of purchase and will need it to register a vehicle with your local Department of Revenue or Motor Vehicles to obtain a certificate of title. If you have never received or lost the MSO, there are steps you can take to get the MSO title in a duplicate form to complete the registration.

Gather the pertinent information for the item. This includes the VIN number of the item, proof of ownership in the form of a signed bill of sale and receipt. Have the information at hand for quick reference. The VIN number is on the equipment, machine or vehicle on a sticker or stamped into the metal.

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Contact the dealership from which you obtained the machine or vehicle. A dealer who has authorization from a manufacturer to sell the particular item receives this certificate from the manufacturer direct.

Call the manufacturer directly. You can find the contact information in your owner’s manual or look in the yellow pages.

State the reason you are requesting the missing statement of origin. You may need to provide a written request or complete an application for the manufacturer or authorized dealer. Those parties will provide you with a link to the information on their website or can send you the form directly via the mail.


  • If you are financing the equipment or vehicle, you may need to contact the finance company directly, as they should receive the MSO title paperwork when the closing the financial loan.

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