How to Write a Letter of Attestation of Conformity

By Jennifer Reid
If the government regulates your product, you must obtain approval before selling it to the general public.

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A letter of attestation is one that certifies the truth of a statement. For example, if you attended a conference, you might ask the director of said conference for a letter of attestation, confirming your attendance. Further, a letter of attestation of conformity is a certification that a certain product meets all the regulations surrounding its construction and dispersal to the general public. There are a few steps one must follow to obtain a letter of attestation of conformity.

Obtaining a Letter of Attestation of Conformity

Find an agency or individual qualified to inspect your product.

Submit required information to said party. They may require manufacture documents, a sample group and/or surveillance video.

Obtain approval that your product meets all regulations or change your product and practices until all regulations are met. Once you obtain approval, the party with whom you are dealing should submit to you a letter of attestation of conformity.

Writing a Letter of Attestation of Conformity

Test the product to which you are being asked to attest. Be sure to examine all the regulations concerning said product. Once you are certain all regulations have been met, you may proceed with writing a letter of attestation of conformity.

Type your return address.

Skip a line and type the day's date.

Skip a line and write your attestation. Be sure to be completely truthful in your statements. Any part of your letter is legally binding and you can be called upon to certify your statements for legal proceedings. Do not embellish the truth. Write in clear, concise language.

Skip a line and enclose your signature. Below your signature, type your legal name and credentials.

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