How to File a Civil Suit in Arizona

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In Arizona, the justice system courts have jurisdiction and authority to hear all civil actions when the total monetary amount of the suit is $10,000 or less. Civil suits are filed with the county in which you reside. You can file a civil suit in order to collect monetary compensation for libel, debt, breach of contract, property damage and personal injury. When you go to court after filing your civil suit, you can choose whether you wish to represent yourself or hire an attorney to represent you. In order to file a lawsuit, Arizona has an online system to streamline the process.

Visit the TurboCourt website (see Resources). This site is used by the state of Arizona to electronically file civil suit paperwork.

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Click the "General Civil" because you are filing a civil suit. The state of Arizona will appear with a blue link next to it that says, "Next."

Click the blue link next to "Arizona." Click on the blue link next to "Civil Lawsuits."

Choose your county and city from the drop down menus on the page. Then click "Next."

Register with TurboCourt on this page. Then you can file your civil suit with them. Fill in the information requested. They will need to know who you are filing suit against, what the monetary amount of the suit is and the contact information for both yourself and the person you are filing against. Once you submit this information, your suit has been filed.