How to Find Out Who Owns a Property Online

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Deed and property information is recorded at the courthouse in each locality and is available online in most cities and counties. Obtain property maps, owner information and parcel information on any property in the locality using its website. This information is useful when considering the purchase of a piece of property to avoid being scammed or paying too high a price. Many localities also have geographic information system (GIS) maps available to help you verify that you are looking at the right piece of property.

Visit the website for the county auditor, appraiser or assessor where the property is located. Often these links are found on the county's or city's main website.

Use the navigation links on the website to search for the property by address, folio number, property index number or parcel, as available on each site.

Enter the information in the search boxes provided and click "Search Records." If you do not know all the information, fill out the boxes with the information you do know and leave the rest blank. Ensure that you have all required fields completed or the search will not be possible.

Click the piece of property you are interested in from the list that populates. Information will display as to the property owner and values with additional neighborhood and subdivision information. Often a GIS map is included to show how the property is situated in relation to adjacent properties. The information included will differ with each city or county per local recording standards and laws.


  • GIS maps are not considered 100 percent accurate and should be used as a guide only.



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