How to Obtain a Warranty Deed in Houston, Texas

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The buying and selling of property requires the creation, signing and recordation of a deed. In the state of Texas, a warranty deed is perfectly acceptable to use when transferring the ownership of property from one party to another. The warranty deed in Texas should convey ownership and include warranty words like "convey and warrant," "sell," or "warrant generally." To obtain a warranty deed in Texas, consult your attorney to draw up the deed for signing and recording in the Harris County Clerk's Office. Harris County is the county in which Houston is situated.

Consult an attorney or title company to draw up the warranty deed. Provide the legal description and address of the property to the attorney or title representative. If a property identification number of some sort is assigned to the property, include that information. Provide the names of the seller and buyer.

Write the warranty deed. Sign the warranty deed. Both the seller and buyer should sign the warranty deed.

Record the deed and pay the fee at the Harris County Clerk's Office Real Property Department. This is located at the Harris County Civil Courthouse, 201 Caroline, Suite 320, Houston, TX 77002. As of 2011 fees are $16.00 for the first page of a warranty deed and $4.00 for each additional page.


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