How to Expunge a Misdemeanor in Ohio

By David Harris
All minor misdemeanors can be expunged in Ohio. Images

All minor misdemeanors can be expunged in Ohio, according to the Center for Student Legal Services. However, only one conviction can be expunged if the misdemeanor isn't minor. If you've been convicted of a misdemeanor, expunging it will remove any trace of the crime from your permanent record. Expunging your conviction is beneficial because people with a police record have been denied jobs, been unable to find housing and denied promotions at work.

Wait the appropriate amount of time to begin the process of expungement in Ohio. For a minor misdemeanor, you must wait one year following the conviction to begin the process.

Go to your local circuit court and speak with the clerk. Ask him for the necessary papers to file for an expungement. Fill out the forms, swearing you have no other convictions or pending charges. Pay the clerk the appropriate fee and wait until a judge hears your case.

Attend your hearing and answer any questions the judge has. The judge will look over your case and decide whether or not to expunge your record.

Get a copy of the expungement once the judge grants your request. The misdemeanor has now been stricken from your permanent record.

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