How to Find Out About Eviction Notices

By Teresa Ash
anyone's place is subject to eviction

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Evictions are an everyday occurrence throughout the country, and are enforced by a law enforcement agency. The local courthouse, magistrate, or marshal's office is the place to begin a search for eviction notices since eviction notices are filed as public records. According to federal law, these public records are available for viewing by anyone who has the time and resources to look them up.

Locating Eviction Notices

Select the following websites to get information regarding eviction notices filed in the United States:,, and

Search for eviction notices at the website. Then, select the public housing occupancy guidebook. On page 218 you will find information about eviction notices. Choose or and fill out the form they provide to locate a specific record. Insert the name and date of birth of the former tenant, then pay the fee and the search will begin.

Look for eviction notices at the local level, such as through a local courthouse, magistrate, or marshal's office. For example, California offers easy search methods at Select the self help center glossary and find evictions and foreclosures, there you'll find a host of information about eviction notices.

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