How to File a Noise Violation Complaint in Indianapolis

By Jeffery Keilholtz
Contact the police department to report a noise violation.

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In Indianapolis, it is illegal to make unpleasant, prolonged noise that disturbs other people. The consequence can result in a citizen of the city filing a noise violation complaint -- or noise ordinance -- against the perpetrator. Filing a noise violation complaint in Indianapolis is a straightforward process that mirrors most cities throughout the country. While courts handle petitions for legal matters a petition to file a noise violation is taken up with the metropolitan police department.

Visit the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department at 50 North Alabama Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204.

Go to the front desk administrator and present at least one current form of identification -- a driver's license, for example -- and tell the administrator you wish to file a noise violation complaint.

Explain the situation in detail to the administrator and fill out an official complaint form. Detail the same story you communicated to the administrator on the form, including the type and duration of the noise, the location where the violation took place, the date and time and information about any other witnesses who were present. State the name and contact information of the perpetrator and offer any evidence -- videotape, for example -- to defend your claim.

Make a copy of the complaint form and any hard copy evidence. The original set of documents will be for police records and the copies are for your personal records. Follow up on the status of the filing within seven days.

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