How Can I Put My SSN in X-Format?

Only release your SSN to trusted, verified vendors, and only do this if it is absolutely necessary.
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Your Social Security Number (SSN) is a nine-digit identification number you are assigned by the United States government. It is necessary to have one if you want to apply for a job, secure a bank loan or create an account with many utilities. Due to this importance, you should protect your SSN as best you can. One way to protect it when you're composing a document is to replace the numbers with Xs.

Divide nine Xs into three sections: three-two-four. This mimics the format of an SSN.

Separate the sections with dashes. For example, XXX-XX-XXXX.

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Replace the Xs with any numbers of your SSN. A common security check with most companies is to ask you for the last four digits of your SSN, so you can write out XXX-XX-5555.

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