How to Change Your Name in DuPage County, Illinois

By Christina Dillon

There aren't many restrictions to change your name in DuPage County, Illinois. You must have been a resident for at least six months, and you must not have been convicted of a felony or sex crime. You have to pay a fee, and you must allow adequate time to notify the public of your impending name change.

Print the "Legal Notice for Change of Name" form, located in the Resources section. Choose a date for your official name change that is about eight weeks from the current date.

Check the box next to "DuPage Judicial Center" to designate the courtroom. Print your current full legal name next to the word "From" and the name you would like to have after the process is complete in the field labeled "To that of." Sign and date in the specified areas.

Take your completed form to the county clerk's office; the county clerk will complete and file the document, giving you an official case name and number. Make two copies of the completed form.

Write a letter to the Daily Herald newspaper in DuPage, including your case name and number, and request that the newspaper run this legal notice once per week for three consecutive weeks. The newspaper will send a certificate of publication to either you or the court clerk after your notice has run for three weeks. If you receive the certificate, send a copy to the court clerk.

Fax your letter along with a copy of your Legal Notice for Change of Name form to the Daily Herald's classified department (847-427-1146). Call the classified department (847-427-4671) to confirm that it received your document and to arrange payment.

Print the "Petition for Change of Name" form (located in Resources). Fill in your case name in the section labeled "In the matter of the petition of." Write your case number, months or years you've been a resident of Illinois and the state and county where you were born.

Include your current legal name and the name you would like to assume. Note that the notice ran in the Daily Herald. Write the name you would like to assume once more in the section that begins with "Wherefore."

Take the partially completed "Petition for Change of Name" form to the court clerk's office to be filed on the date you specified on the first form. Pay the fee for changing your name, which is $290 as of May 2011. Request a hearing date for your petition.

Complete the "Order for Change of Name" form, which you should have received from the court clerk after filing the petition. This form serves as part of your testimony and includes much of the same information you've completed in the petition.

Bring copies of all relevant paperwork on the date of your hearing. Be prepared to testify that all the information you've provided is accurate. If the order is granted, immediately file it with the court clerk.

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