How to Change Your Name on a Land Title in New York

By Salvatore Jackson
Update your name on land deeds to retain ownership rights.

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If you own property in New York and have changed your name, you must update your record of land ownership in order to protect your ownership rights. Under New York law, a person who wishes to update her name on a deed must execute a new deed and record it with the county clerk where the property is located.

Obtain or purchase a New York warranty deed form. County clerk offices in New York won't provide you with a warranty deed form, but you can obtain one from a stationery store or an online legal-form repository.

Provide your information on the New York warranty deed form. Indicate the date you're executing the warranty deed. Under the grantor section, provide your old name and address; under the grantee section, provide your new name and address. Include the address of your property, the county in which it's located, and its section, lot and block numbers. Don't sign the warranty deed form at this time.

Visit a notary. Sign both the acknowledgement form (part of the deed) and warranty deed in the presence of a notary, and have the notary provide his name, notary number, signature and notary stamp.

Record the New York warranty deed form with the county clerk where the property is located and pay the filing fee. The fee for recording a warranty deed in New York varies by county, but may range, as of this writing (May 2011), from $30 to $70.

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