How to Get Land in Alaska

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Many people associate Alaska with homesteading, but the homestead program is long gone in the Last Frontier. Despite this, several methods still exist for finding relatively inexpensive land in Alaska. This takes some time and effort, but just a few phone calls and some research will make the purchase of quality Alaskan land easier and less expensive.

Contact the Alaska Department of Natural Resources about "land offerings" -- this is the name given to auctions by the Alaska DNR, where parcels of land are auctioned off to the highest bidder. This can be a great way to buy dozens of acres of Alaskan land cheap.

If no land offerings are slated, ask for information on any parcels of land available for over-the-counter sale. Land offerings which don't make the minimum bid go to over-the-counter status. This means land can be bought in groups from 1 to 40 acres at a set price.

If an Alaskan resident, consider the Remote Recreational Cabin Site program; this allows a resident to claim a parcel of land that the DNR marks as a designated staking area. The resident leases this land until the DNR finishes its surveying and then the resident can purchase it at market value.

If the land offerings, over-the-counter sales and Remote Recreational Cabin Site options don't work, then look at going through a Realtor. There are plenty of homes for sale, and individuals can search online for listings or contact real estate companies in Alaska.


  • Start with the DNR options first for the best deals, and then move on from there.


  • Don't get fooled by anyone talking about homesteading. Homesteading laws don't exist anymore in Alaska.


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