Instructions for Box 14 on W-2 Forms

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A W2 form is a document used by employers to report income to the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS uses this information to determine how much in taxes an individual owes. Employers must enter information on this form in black 12-point Courier font and ensure that all information provided is accurate and located in the designated places. Failure to comply with such protocols can prevent an employee from receiving a timely tax refund and also cause the employer to incur fines from the IRS. Box 14 is one such area where you must make sure information is accurate.

Determine the amount of earnings that were deducted from an employee's payroll before taxes. Examples of pre-tax earnings deductions include health insurance premiums, union dues, educational assistance costs and clergy allowances.

Identify each item and the amount withheld in box 14.

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Ascertain the amount of money an employee was reimbursed for. Eligible reimbursements include the leasing of company vehicles, meals related to company outings or meetings and moving expenses.

Label each item and the amount the employee was reimbursed in box 14.