How Do I Get Proof of Income If I'm on Unemployment?

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Unemployment is verified by an award letter from the state workforce agency. You can usually get hold of a printout through the workforce agency's website or by sending a request to the agency. Those applying for student loans or any kind of credit are often asked to submit proof of income. Unemployment compensation may be an acceptable source of income if you can prove your eligibility to receive the benefit.

Award Notice

Upon approving an unemployment benefits claim, the state workforce agency mails the recipient an award letter. The notice informs you of your eligibility, your maximum benefit payment and the weekly amount. A copy of your award letter for the present year typically is acceptable proof of income.

Accessing Your Payment History Online

If you do not have your award letter, a print out of your unemployment payment records might do. You may be able to access this information through your state workforce agency's website. To use the online portal, register for an account. Be prepared to provide personal and claim information during the registration process, such as the phone number on your unemployment claim record and your weekly benefit amount. Restrictions may apply when you use the web portal. For example, after you make the request online, you may have to wait for the agency to mail you the information you need to log on for the first time.

Calling the Workforce Agency

Call the unemployment agency and request your payment history if you prefer not to access the information online. In many cases, an automated service is available, or you may speak with a customer service representative during business hours.

Mailing Your Request

The unemployment agency may require you to send a written request instead of allowing you to obtain your payment history online. Call the agency or check its website for the address to mail your inquiry.

Visiting the Regional Office

Another option is to visit your local unemployment office and request a copy of your award letter or payment records. Regional office locations and business hours usually are listed on the state workforce agency's website.

Form 1099-G

The party requesting proof of income may accept your Form 1099-G, which the state workforce agency uses to report unemployment compensation to the Internal Revenue Service and state taxation agency. The form shows the amount of benefits you received during the most recent tax year and the amount of taxes withheld. You may be able to get a copy of your 1099-G by logging into your online unemployment account or calling or visiting the unemployment agency.

Bank Account Deposits

A print out of your bank statement might be sufficient to prove your income if the person requesting the information is willing to accept it. The statement may need to reflect deposits made to your bank account during a certain period, such as in the previous 30 or 60 days.