How to Place a Restraining Order in Hamilton County, Ohio

By Tiffany Raiford
Filing paperwork to institute a restraining order could help you feel safer.

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Residents of Hamilton County, Ohio can seek protection from stalkers and others threatening violence by filing for a restraining order with the Court of Common Pleas. A restraining order is a notice legally enforced by the court, stating that the person you filed the order against is not permitted near you, your home or your place of business. If the person the restraining order is protecting you from does not abide by the results in the order, he/she is considered in violation and will be arrested.

Go to the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas to obtain a copy of form 10.03-D, the application for a protective order. This form is available for download online (

Complete form 10.03-D. Fill out your name, address and date of birth. Include the name, address and date of birth of your stalker and whether or not you are seeking protection for yourself or for a loved one -- if not for you, you must enter the protected party's name, date of birth and relationship to you.

Describe the incidents of stalking or sexual misconduct committed by the accused. Read the choices on the application for the type of protection you wish to have against the accused and check all that apply.

Sign your application in the presence of a notary public. Notaries are on staff at the Common Pleas Court. File your application with a clerk at the Common Pleas Court office. A court date is created and the accused is sent a notice requiring him/her to appear before a judge. You will both appear and make your case. Depending on the validity of your claims and any evidence you kept, a restraining order is immediately issued.

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