How to Get a Michigan DOT Number

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Michigan requires a United States Department of Transportation number for carriers or operators of commercial vehicles, including vehicles operated solely inside the state. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issues DOT numbers for interstate commercial vehicles as well as for states such as Michigan that require DOT numbers for intrastate commerce. In Michigan, commercial motor vehicles include those with a gross weight of 10,001 lbs. or more, those that can carry more than eight paying passengers, those that can carry more than 15 passengers even if they are not paying customers and those used to transport hazardous materials.

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Click on “FMCSA Registration & Updates” under the “FMCSA Services" header.

Answer questions about your business. You need information such as the type and number of commercial motor vehicles in your business, whether your business is interstate or intrastate, whether you transport hazardous materials and whether the cargo that you transport will come from or go to another state. You may use the Step-by-Step Registration Guide if you need prompts and tips to complete the registration, or you may fill out the registration without assistance. As of April 2011, there is no fee to receive a USDOT number, but the system requires a valid credit card number for verification purposes.

Call the Michigan Public Service Commission at 888-464-8736 to fill out your application over the phone if you do not wish to do so online.


  • When applying online, it may take up to seven business days to receive your Michigan DOT number.

    Church vans are commercial vehicles according to the Michigan guidelines, but personal and recreational vehicles are not.